Build Muscle Size, Strength & Power With Science-Backed Programs

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In this episode, I explain protocols to build muscle hypertrophy (muscle size) and maximize strength and power for athletic performance, health, and longevity. I describe two science-supported programs developed by strength and performance experts that are appropriate for both men and women, no matter the sport or training level background.

I discuss the key training concepts of strength-based programs, including progressive overload, intensity, Prilepin’s chart, autoregulation, block periodization, and how to train in multiple planes for well-rounded adaptations and injury prevention. I explain a straightforward program for improving muscle hypertrophy and discuss a more advanced program for enhancing speed and power that progresses weekly in volume, intensity, and specificity.

This episode provides listeners with the fundamentals of effective strength training and practical applications of these principles, which can be further modified based on time, equipment availability, injury background, individual goals, and skill level.


Science of Muscle Hypertrophy

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