How to Enhance Performance With Better Sleep

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In this episode, I explain how sleep optimization produces a competitive advantage and the many tools available for improving sleep to maximize athletic performance. I explain how sufficient, high-quality sleep enhances speed, accuracy, reaction time, and competition performance and aids in injury recovery. I also describe why most athletes suffer from chronic suboptimal sleep, the athlete’s sleep paradox, the biochemical reason athletes need more sleep, and the most common sleep disorders affecting athletes.

I explain the importance of optimizing three areas for sleep: duration, quality, and timing. I also discuss how to use sleep extension to improve performance and how to use sleep banking and/or adjust sleep timing during competition training or travel.

I discuss the three I’s (investigate, interpret, intervene) for improving sleep and describe sleep solutions, ranging from free protocols and low-cost wearables to high-precision clinical sleep testing.

Listeners will understand the importance of sleep for performance and how to create a precise, effective sleep program tailored to individual needs and goals for yourself or the athletes you coach.  



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