How to Improve Your VO2 Max & Build Endurance

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In this episode, I explain practical applications for improving your VO2 max and endurance in order to prevent disease, promote longevity, and optimize overall health and performance. I also explain the training fundamentals and methods to consider when developing an endurance training program, such as general conditioning, warm-ups/cool-downs, tissue tolerance and recovery, injury prevention, and maximizing training time.

I describe two endurance training programs suitable for individuals of all training levels: Metamorphosis, designed to improve VO2 max, and Faster in 50, a fifty-day marathon training program. I explain the specific methodologies of these programs, including the resistance training and endurance training elements, building volume and intensity (i.e., zones/”gears”), reps/sets, breathing, and how to assess your progress at the end.

This episode focuses on specific programs and protocols for improving endurance that will help listeners develop/follow their own program or help coaches and trainers design programs for their athletes.


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